For over three years, TrafficJam Media has helped redefine the digital media industry, developing one of the leading global performance ad networks while building an agency known for quality, accountability, reach and great people.

OUR MISSION: result oriented campaigns you strive for

About Us

We provide global distribution across the world, internal media buying and world class performance network spanning over 80 countries. With a target on results, we generated over $10 million plus in sales for our advertisers last year through web, mobile and video traffic. By joining TrafficJamMedia, you can count on consistent high-quality targeted leads, sales or installs.

We work with the Big Brand companies, medium sized brands and smaller brands (as our top priority). With our compliance team in the industry, we follow strict compliance and quality assurance standards ensuring your campaigns are placed in desired, result-oriented locations. We believe in having transparency with our advertisers.

TrafficJam Media has the best support for your business with a dedicated and experienced account representative that will help manage your campaigns and will respond back within 24 hours, boost your sales results and refine your performance strategy.

​​“Our team is 100% dedicated to getting you and your business the digital traffic you strive for.”